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Catacomb 3-D, a groundbreaking title from 1991, is set to receive an exclusive PC release. This highly anticipated re-release features three physical versions available at various price points: The Shallow Grave Edition, The Stone Tomb Edition, and the Ancient Vault Edition.

The Shallow Grave Edition includes a USB stick with the game, a Making Of video, and a History of Catacomb 3-D PDF written by David L. Craddock. Additionally, you’ll receive Catacomb-themed pins, stickers, a poster, and a cinch bag for a total cost of €69.95.

The Stone Tomb Edition ups the ante with a genuine floppy disk alongside all the items from the Shallow Grave Edition. The Ancient Vault Edition, priced at €154.95, adds to the collection by including everything mentioned and a Catacomb 3-D t-shirt and an additional 5.25” floppy disk.

This release is significant as Catacomb 3-D contributed foundational elements that later influenced games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, setting standards in the first-person-shooter genre with innovative features such as the on-screen character face changing when taking damage.

What other classic games do you think have significantly impacted modern gaming franchises?


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I like that Romero is bypassing LRG, but - the game kinda sucks. Cool idea but a very niche market.

If he made a Wolfenstein map pack like he did with the Sigils, that would seem much more promising. on 04 Jul 13:17 next collapse

Yeah, it’s definitely an early attempt before they got the formula down with wolfenstein 3D and later perfected it with Doom on 04 Jul 13:34 collapse

I like that Romero is bypassing LRG

Is there something wrong with LRG that we should know? on 04 Jul 18:57 collapse

yeah, weird phrasing. I mean, they have horrifying shipping times, but I never thought of them as gatekeepers. on 04 Jul 11:56 next collapse

Chex Quest is what all the coolest kids were playing. on 04 Jul 14:14 collapse

Pathways into Darkness also came out the same year as Doom but few seem to remember it. on 06 Jul 19:51 collapse

Some of us never forget. And the path it paved for the greatest trilogy in gaming (for Mac users anyhow).

Somewhere in the heavens they are waiting…