What Is The Future of Handhelds? (retrododo.com)
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Izzy@lemmy.world on 05 Aug 2023 13:00 next collapse

Is the N64 not 64 bit? They talk about retro handhelds trying to move towards playing consoles such as the Gamecube, but in my experience they are barely capable of playing the N64. Perhaps that has changed with the most recent retro handhelds from this year. On my Anbernic RG351MP it really struggles playing games such as Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time.

2tone@lemmy.world on 05 Aug 2023 13:04 next collapse

Many handhelds being released now are capable of N64, and even more

Izzy@lemmy.world on 05 Aug 2023 13:42 collapse

Sounds great. Personally I find beyond the N64 and PS1 era to not really be retro anyway. At least for now. Once you get to the ps2 and GameCube we are in the era of racing towards realism graphics.

GlennMagusHarvey@mander.xyz on 06 Aug 2023 13:31 collapse

Yeah, N64/PS1 era was when the industry started pushing 3D games hard, and it really feels like the beginning of the modern era to me too.

vrighter@discuss.tchncs.de on 06 Aug 2023 20:15 collapse

it could compute in 64 bits (which most games, especially from that time, did not need nor used)

It had a 32 bit memory interface. Games need a lot of memory throughput so that was a limitation.

It was technically 64 bit, but only in ways that didn’t matter

CorrodedCranium@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 05 Aug 2023 13:13 next collapse

I feel like a majority of the article is just looking back at what’s come out since 2020 and even then it doesn’t seem to use the progression we’ve seen to theorize about new potential devices.

But if a company does take a big risk to push the market forward, we have a responsibility as the buyers to reward that creativity with our support.

Producing a unique device takes a lot of courage and risk of failure. It is an expensive venture that very few are willing to attempt. But this is absolutely something that needs to happen some day.

These two paragraphs from the conclusion seems to sum up the writers thoughts.

QuarterSwede@lemmy.world on 06 Aug 2023 14:20 collapse

Yeah, it was a bit of a yawner. Like a lot of YouTube videos, it was a bunch of fluff with little substance (or point).

CorrodedCranium@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 06 Aug 2023 18:38 collapse

Yeah I’d appreciate some theorize even if they are outlandish and not so feesible.

MossBear@lemmy.world on 05 Aug 2023 15:37 next collapse

Once we can handle Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox nearly perfectly, I’ll be good. That covers all classic consoles. Everything after that is largely just newer versions of the same idea.

CorrodedCranium@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 06 Aug 2023 18:35 collapse

I wonder how far away we are from Xbox emulation on Android?

I think any handheld past the level you mentioned will just be a continued effort to create a lighter weight and more portable Steam Deck

Xylinna@lemmy.world on 06 Aug 2023 18:50 next collapse

I love my Steam Deck and being able to emulate pretty much any PS3 era game and older.

MajorHavoc@lemmy.world on 09 Aug 2023 17:41 next collapse

I’m surprised the Evercade and Hyperkin Super Mega didn’t make the list.

I’m really pleased with being able to own games on cartridges again on the Evercade ecosystem.

kratoz29@lemm.ee on 16 Aug 2023 08:04 collapse

I just read about this new Odin handheld and I think this is the best upcoming release takin in mind performance and price.