Nearly all my GameBoy Games
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Took all my games out of their protective cases and dumped them out on the table. Sometimes it’s just satisfying to rummage through a bunch of carts, hold them in your hands, and admire the label art. Does anyone else periodically do this with their physical games?

#retrogaming on 19 Aug 2023 03:11 +0000 next

The pile:

<img alt="" src=""> on 19 Aug 2023 04:18 +0000

Do you have Pokémon Crystal? I can see you have all from first generation, plus Gold and Silver. Also the cards one. I’m impressed TBH on 19 Aug 2023 03:12 +0000 next

The empty cases (and bins that I keep my games in):

<img alt="" src=""> on 19 Aug 2023 03:36 +0000

Aww man, I had so many of those single cart cases too. Had some similar ones that held two as well. Eventually I got rid of them when I got these larger boxes that hold either Gameboy or Gameboy carts upright in rows. Three of them would hold up to 15, and I could fit some extras by fitting GBA ones loose on top of each other. on 19 Aug 2023 03:22 +0000 next

Agree on 19 Aug 2023 03:30 +0000 next

It’s a marvel of the modern world that allows me to say that I played most of these, despite only ever seeing the physical cartridge of half of them.

Your collection looks great OP. Mole Mania GOTYAY on 19 Aug 2023 03:35 +0000

Mole Mania is fantastic 👍

I never heard anyone talking about that one back in the 90s, seems like more people know about it nowadays. on 19 Aug 2023 03:56 +0000 next

TIL that bible carts were developed for the Gameboy on 19 Aug 2023 04:18 +0000 next

I sometimes go through my gb cart collection for ideas on what to play next on my handheld emulator. Mario Picross though is such a good game to wind down with at the end of the day. on 19 Aug 2023 04:18 +0000 next

The lack of organization in this kills me. on 19 Aug 2023 04:30 +0000 next

It's crazy that most (if not all) of these were written in assembly.

For context, this is the equivalent of turning sugar cane, milk and wheat into a cake as opposed to buying one at the store (i.e. python). on 19 Aug 2023 07:20 +0000 next

Rescue of Princess Blobette has a prank where if you use the root beer rocket (which is a key item in the first game), you just crash into the cage and get a game over. It does nothing else in this game. on 19 Aug 2023 17:52 +0000 next

Ohoo! Has so much fun when I was a kid with many of this! Thanks for the nostalgia on 20 Aug 2023 01:50 +0000 next

The Kind James Bible for GameBoy!? on 20 Aug 2023 01:59 +0000

It has a Bible matching game and a Bible version of hangman, and I’ve always liked hangman 👍 on 20 Aug 2023 02:27 +0000 next

This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL collection! on 20 Aug 2023 02:33 +0000

Thank you! on 20 Aug 2023 13:35 +0000 next

It’s great to see Kirby Tilt n’ Tumble, loved that game growing up! Unfortunately it’s probably one I’ll never get to experience again without the physical cart on 20 Aug 2023 15:37 +0000

I had to settle for a cart with some label damage to experience it on original hardware.

It’s on the Nintendo Switch online service now though, that might be an option? on 20 Aug 2023 13:52 +0000 next

I want to know what the game genie cheat codes are for the game boy King James Bible. on 20 Aug 2023 15:18 +0000

Me too! Unfortunately, the cart won’t fit into the Game Genie. It has a significant hump at the top that prevents it from going in backwards (like carts have to for the Game Genie). on 21 Aug 2023 03:42 +0000

And a good thing, too. If it could go in, you’d unlock God’s cheat code for free energy— Which sounds like a good thing, until you realize that it means any old vandal can just create infinite energy in a finite space and collapse the universe into a singularity.

[deleted] on 15 Sep 2023 02:32 +0000