Atari's Black Beauty
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Mmmmmmm thats a good looking console on 24 Apr 20:40 next collapse

That’s some god damn nostalgia for me right there. I think I may need to get mine out and get infuriated with some Pitfall again. on 24 Apr 21:34 collapse

I loved pitfall, but dang was it rage inducing. on 24 Apr 21:34 next collapse

A lot of us older gamers started on this system. Once my parents figured out they could give us an Atari, go out and party while leaving us at home, and we would still be sitting in front of the TV when they got home it was game on after that. on 24 Apr 21:58 collapse

For me it was “Battlezone”. I spent hours shooting little squares at fuzzy rectangles that somewhat resembled tanks and loved every minute of it. on 24 Apr 22:09 next collapse

I still have my 7800, but the RF Modulator is shot to hell and I only have Genesis controllers for it. I don’t dislike emulators, so I haven’t been motivated to do any mods.

Back in the day, my older brother had a Sears Telegames 4-switch and a ColecoVision. on 24 Apr 22:16 next collapse

Sorry the Vader doesn't do it for me.

Give me a 6 switch wood grain any day. on 24 Apr 22:25 next collapse

This was the first computer I ever played on, it was at my cousin’s house. I was convinced there was a loop of film in the cartridge but couldn’t figure out how that would work with player interaction.

When my cousin got a screwdriver and opened the cartridge to reveal a couple of black chips on a circuit board, my mind was blown. on 24 Apr 23:28 next collapse

This massive failure was my first console:

<img alt="" src=""> on 25 Apr 02:44 collapse

I thought that system was the shit back in the day. We only had a handful of games for it including Pengo, Vanguard, and Ms Pac Man… on 25 Apr 13:25 collapse

Yup, I loved mine up until I got my NES in late 1988. I had no clue about the video game crash in 1983, so I didn’t know why games stopped being sold for it. on 25 Apr 01:09 collapse

I had this one. I miss it.