The Ultimate Starter Handheld -- Retroid Pocket 2S (
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It’s funny, I like my Retroid Pocket 2+ but the fact that the 2S swaps the location of the D-pad and left stick makes me want to “upgrade” more than anything else about it. on 20 Aug 2023 01:55 next collapse

I feel like I’m about to get into these android based emulators. Which of the Retroid’s do you reckon I should go for? This new 2S seems really nice. I want mostly to play arcade games, PS1 and Saturn games. PS2 and Dreamcast would be a nice bonus. on 20 Aug 2023 02:33 collapse

This would be perfect for you, then. Retroid is a solid brand and they’ve dome well with this device. The RG405M is another excellent choice on 20 Aug 2023 08:03 collapse

The 2S would have been my dream device if it existed when I bought my first retroid. I'd like to see those triggers and analog sticks land on a device with the 3's form factor.

If anyone is interested, I have a Retroid community on OP, feel free to post this video over there if you like. I was going to post it myself, but I'll wait another day if you or someone else want to do it.

There are some handy guides and links there, hopefully it all federates across alright.

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