Playing Quake for the Story (A Franchise Retrospective) (
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A new NCG video! 😁

And it’s about Quake!! 🤯

And it’s Christmas!!! 🎅

What a delightful present for all of us! on 25 Dec 2023 16:36 next collapse

Noah is the shit.

This is a great video. on 25 Dec 2023 16:46 collapse

Quake 2 and Quake 4 are the only two Quake games that even had a story afaik. I don’t remember Quake 1 having much more than a few paragraphs in the manual and between episodes (and with its eclectic mishmash of level design, you don’t have any environmental story telling either), and Quake 3 was an entirely online arena shooter.

I certainly wish I had 2 when it was new. It doesn’t quite have the same impact only playing it for the first time years later when what it did new is lost to time over all the games that took inspiration from those ideas. on 25 Dec 2023 19:38 next collapse

I’m super old and so can for a moment be a little bit helpful. Quake 2 wasn’t all that special when it was new, and it was mostly glossed over because games like Unreal and Half-Life were well on the horizon, Duke 3D had shown what we can do with environmental level design a year earlier and it was sharing the shooter stage with games like Blood, Dark Forces II and Goldeneye 64

Quake was special because it was a technological showcase, but Quake 2 was just another game in a sea of great experiences, that struggled to find its own voice. on 25 Dec 2023 20:11 next collapse

I’m super old

Same here; I just never had Quake 2 as a kid lol

Had 1 and 3 when they were new. Never found Quake 2 on a store shelf back then :(

Didn’t it introduce reloading? on 25 Dec 2023 21:08 next collapse

Nope, no reloading in Quake 2. Goldeneye had it though on 25 Dec 2023 21:13 collapse

Quake 2 had that stupid recoil for the automatic riffle. Duke 3D was the first FPS with reloading I’m aware of (the basic handgun). on 25 Dec 2023 22:46 collapse


Thaaat was it. Yeah. on 26 Dec 2023 01:03 collapse

games like Blood

Hot damn, but I loved Blood. Duke Nukem for H. P. Lovecraft dorks! on 25 Dec 2023 19:55 collapse

That’s correct, 1 was just a bunch of random levels with no actual plotline. Merely an extension of arcade games at the time, where the challenge of the level was the draw and there need not be a deeper connection.