Nightmare Scenario (
from to on 10 Oct 2023 13:00 +0000

#retrogaming on 10 Oct 2023 13:18 +0000 next

The sounds like the premise for a Mario creepypasta horror game. on 10 Oct 2023 13:56 +0000 next

Or a joke rom on 10 Oct 2023 16:37 +0000

Or a Dorkly skit “The mushroom kingdom gets gentrified” on 11 Oct 2023 04:29 +0000

It’s more or less a stage in Smash Bros Brawl for some reason. on 10 Oct 2023 13:58 +0000 next

I want to play this on 10 Oct 2023 14:45 +0000 next

Very Old Games -> Link’s Awakening

I feel personally attacked on 10 Oct 2023 18:52 +0000 next

I was thinking the reverse.

“New Game -> KSP” It’s 12 years old on 10 Oct 2023 19:15 +0000

I was 17 when that came out.

[deleted] on 10 Oct 2023 15:11 +0000 next

. on 10 Oct 2023 15:46 +0000 next

honestly this is how Tears Of The Kingdom made me feel. the world is basically the same as Breathe Of The Wild except all messed up and all the kids have grown up. too real for me. on 10 Oct 2023 15:59 +0000 next

This feeling is the mood of Zac Gorman’s Magical Game Time webcomics on 10 Oct 2023 17:57 +0000

Thank you for the awesome hint, I love this! on 10 Oct 2023 16:00 +0000 next

Prince Of Persia is Mullah Of Iran now on 10 Oct 2023 16:31 +0000 next

Most times when I boot Subnautica it’s forgotten my save file :( on 10 Oct 2023 17:29 +0000

That sounds like a good thing! I’ve replayed through it at least 3 times over the years. on 10 Oct 2023 18:49 +0000

Honestly, my favorite part of survival games is the beginning. on 10 Oct 2023 18:21 +0000 next

Guy gets back to his old Sim City save only to find that, without a government randomly raising taxes on it’s citizens, the city thrived. The moment he tries to raise taxes up from zero, he is assassinated and the game shuts off, refusing to open again. on 10 Oct 2023 18:47 +0000

Is this what libertarians fantasize about playing city builders? on 10 Oct 2023 18:59 +0000

If anything it’s mostly cause I played Sim City as a little kid and I played it terribly. They most assuredly would have done better.

(In the OG you could literally be like “surprise, 20% taxes!”) on 10 Oct 2023 19:10 +0000 next

Fair enough, hah on 10 Oct 2023 21:02 +0000

I always wondered why they complained that I put nothing but rails down. I loved trains as a kid, and would have loved a city that was only trains for transportation, lol on 10 Oct 2023 21:47 +0000

You were ahead of your time on environmental action, haha. I bet making a 15 minute city in Sim City is frowned upon, too. on 10 Oct 2023 19:10 +0000 next

Anyone that ditched WoW back in 2007 or so, or any other long running MMORPG for 8+ years, and never looked at it again can experience something very close to that by just logging back in. on 10 Oct 2023 19:32 +0000 next

Woof, no thank you. WOW consumed so much of my time back in those days. I can still look back on it all with fondness. The couple of times I have peeked behind the curtain since then have only made me sad. on 11 Oct 2023 04:12 +0000

Me too. I’m in no position to play that game now, which kind of breaks my heart. I’ve got some really really rare mounts on there.

The best part for me was playing PvP with my son. He’s 25 now. During Cata we were an unstoppable arena force.

He got a gaming laptop and I got a Steam deck. We were talking about jumping on a Cata private server recently.

Both of us are so busy that it’s unlikely to happen.

I’d give anything to go back and have him beside me in that old living room playing arenas.

When I’m on my deathbed, that will be one of the things I think about the most as being a great thing from my life.

I’d give anything to raise him again.

I have a lot of kids and none of them are my favorite, but because I adopted him and he looked up to me so much we had everything in common and did everything together. I’ll miss it until my last day. Good lord time flies. on 10 Oct 2023 21:06 +0000 next

Running through Classic with my group of high school friends was pretty damn magical. We all played together at launch and it was pretty much all we talked about between classes. We had all drifted away through the years with other responsibilities, but WoW brought us back together.

We don’t play WoW anymore, but now we all hang out in discord all of the time and play other stuff. A few of us are setting aside time for Baldurs Gate 3 now!

The games themselves have changed, but I think it’s the friends that can bring me back to a different time. on 11 Oct 2023 01:08 +0000

I played Ragnarok Online back in the old day and dropped it around 2006 or something. A few years back i download a private server and log back in, and found out Morroc is destroyed. It’s so bizarre. on 11 Oct 2023 04:24 +0000

No! What happened to Morroc!!! Best BGM in the game. on 11 Oct 2023 05:07 +0000

Got destroyed by some demon king or something. I think it’s in the Nova RO server. on 10 Oct 2023 19:42 +0000 next

That’s one of the things I like about digital storage, things don’t change or degrade. on 10 Oct 2023 22:22 +0000

relevant xkcd on 11 Oct 2023 04:47 +0000 next

So happy to see a reference to Escape Velocity. I spent so many hours playing that game as a teen, modding and creating my own spaceships in Mechanisto. Good times. on 11 Oct 2023 05:31 +0000 next

Then there’s animal crossing shaming you for abandoning it on 11 Oct 2023 06:05 +0000 next

Weeds and roaches everywhere. on 11 Oct 2023 12:11 +0000 next

My fishtanks in fish tycoon didn’t bother shaming. They straight up gave me nightmares. on 15 Oct 2023 09:45 +0000

I love and hate the feeling in Animal Crossing that the world has just continued existing without you for the last 18 months that you haven’t booted it up. Feels like visiting old friends… but old friends that thought you were dead or something. on 11 Oct 2023 06:00 +0000

Source: xkcd: Old Game Worlds

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