Petz II (1997) (Dogz and Catz) (
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I used to play this game quite a bit on Windows 95. It’s not much of a game but as a kid I enjoyed it lol.

LGR has a video about the first Dogz (1995) and Catz (1996) games:

I can’t find much about the 2nd game though, this is literally the only video I could find of it.

I also played the 3rd game


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Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

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I remember that one 😊

There was another version called Oddballz … It had some weird beasts, but still very cute 🥺 on 29 Mar 02:20 collapse

That was a delightful game, thank you for the reminder. Kinda wish I still had it or that someone had a remake.

Archive does have the originals though: