PB High Score on Primal Rage (Arcade 2.3w)
from TwistedPear@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 09 Sep 2023 22:12 +0000

I’m on a quest to finish the game at difficulty 16 (Maximum) without taking a hit. During my first marathon of the journey, I got a new high score.

The run is visible on Twitch / YouTube if one is keen to that sort of thing.



sorghum@sh.itjust.works on 09 Sep 2023 23:11 +0000

If there’s one game I wish was remade with stop motion/live capture, it’s this game. I’d love to see an expanded roster and sprites in HD.

MajorHavoc@lemmy.world on 10 Sep 2023 01:28 +0000

Primal Rage updated with motion capture technology would be something to see!