New "Pedestrian Mod" Turns NiGHTS Into A 3D Platformer | Time Extension (
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Why It Matters: This innovative mod shifts the classic title into an entirely new genre, appealing to fans of both the original and platform games alike.

Details: Developed by @memory_fallen, this mod for NiGHTS into Dreams turns it from a flying adventure game into a 3D platformer. Modder @memory_fallen shares that the aim is to give players a new challenge, providing additional abilities for Elliot and Claris.

How might you feel about a classic game getting this kind of mod treatment? Would you be interested in playing NiGHTS as a 3D platformer?


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Never really played Knights except in the store as a kid. The 3D was mind-blowing back then—so smooth and flying around really was a great way to show off the 3D!