Quake-like game made with JavaScript takes up just 13KB of storage | Tom's Hardware (www.tomshardware.com)
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A remarkable JavaScript development has brought back memories from the golden era of gaming. The game, Q1K3, manages to pack in two levels, five different enemy types, three weapons, audio, and more within a mere 13KB executable size! This achievement was part of JS13K Games - an annual HTML5 and JavaScript game development competition.

Developed by Dominic Szablewski, Q1K3 showcases the potential of JavaScript in creating immersive games despite its tiny size. The game offers a nostalgic experience with features like lighting effects, textures, sound effects, and music without compromising on space usage.

Experts praise this effort for demonstrating impressive level development, implementation of enemy AI, and remarkable graphics, considering the 13KB limit. It’s a testament to creativity and technical skill in game development.

The creator’s dedication has sparked discussions on improving games within limited space constraints. Interested gamers can play Q1K3 here: link.

What do you think? How might this inspire game creators?


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gressen@lemm.ee on 01 Jul 11:33 next collapse

That is a blast from the past! I enjoyed playing this.

synae@lemmy.sdf.org on 01 Jul 20:38 collapse

That’s great, more room for NIN music on the CD