The Legendary Germs (PS1) Has Been Translated to English
from to on 30 Jan 01:01

This is an ambitious japan only game that had an open world but was also an adventure/survival horror, very unique.

#retrogaming on 30 Jan 01:58 next collapse

This game is criminally unknown even in Japan. I first learned about it years ago and wish I had paid the high price to buy a copy then; now it sells for 10 times as much, and that’s if you can even find a copy. It’s the only game missing from my physical collection that I know I want.

I’ve tried a couple of times to get into it over the years, but the language barrier was always too high for me and broke immersion. Hopefully I and others can now give this game the attention that I think it deserves.

Edit: A link to the patch:

There was already a Spanish patch a few years ago, as well.

Edit 2: And now it’s been flagged as “noncompliant”. I’m not sure what that means, but it’s not available from that site for the moment. on 30 Jan 03:31 collapse

Strange, I’m sure I put the link while doing the post, thanks anyway. I tried playing the Spanish one but turns out Portuguese and it aren’t close enough to finish an open world survival horror. on 31 Jan 23:28 collapse

Aaaand it’s gone. Damn. Anyone got a backup? on 01 Feb 04:11 next collapse

Gone? Got it pre patched from cdromance on 01 Feb 08:34 collapse

The original page is gone. Good to know it’s still out there, though.