Fascinating device reviewed by ETAPRIME: "I Bought A PORTABLE PS2 from AliExpress! The Best Handheld PlayStation 2" (www.youtube.com)
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CriticalMiss@lemmy.world on 17 Aug 2023 07:44 next collapse

from AliExpress…


something tells me that this is just a handheld pc with pcsx2 on the backend

2tone@lemmy.world on 17 Aug 2023 07:55 next collapse

Maybe you should watch the video

cre0@kbin.social on 17 Aug 2023 11:13 next collapse

But something told him!

Not the video obviously, but something!

2tone@lemmy.world on 17 Aug 2023 11:29 collapse

There’s actual PS2 slim hardware in there, together with a fair bit of Macgyvering

ThankYouVeryMuch@kbin.social on 17 Aug 2023 11:24 collapse

I can't watch the video now. Was it or not? Honest question, not op btw

Pumpkinbot@lemmy.world on 18 Aug 2023 00:42 collapse

Real hardware, not emumation.

Pumpkinbot@lemmy.world on 18 Aug 2023 00:41 next collapse

Name checks out.

demonsword@lemmy.world on 18 Aug 2023 16:23 collapse

you know, you could just have watched the video, the guy does a teardown of the hardware

EDIT: well not a full teardown, he just opens the outer casing

decadentrebel@lemmy.world on 17 Aug 2023 07:44 next collapse

Pretty cool, although if you have a Steam Deck, you can easily chuck them in there along with several other retro console titles. It was through SD I was finally able to play Rule of Rose and Haunting Ground since I missed out on them.

echo64@lemmy.world on 17 Aug 2023 09:30 next collapse

that’s true of pretty much anything and is always the real hardware vs emulation choice people make. some people just like real hardware. I like my games to look like how they always did, and to run exactly as they always did. Occasionally some emulated systems can approach that, but that’s absolutely not the case for ps2 emulation today sadly

redsol2@lemmy.world on 17 Aug 2023 17:45 next collapse

I also picked up Haunting Ground on my SD after seeing Spnere Hunter’s video raving about it. Fantastic horror game for sure.

kratoz29@lemm.ee on 17 Aug 2023 20:31 collapse

I love emulation/Chinese handhelds, I don’t have a gaming PC, I can cope with the Steam Deck being gigantic as I have read it is comfy.

The only thing that stops me from getting one is that I’m in a tight position with the money right now, and probably when I get my stuff in order a Steam Deck 2 or pro would be already in the works 😅

Pumpkinbot@lemmy.world on 18 Aug 2023 00:41 collapse

Same, honestly. No PC atm, just my little RP2+, though my right stick is wiggly and R1 doesn’t work anymore. ;u; Considering getting the RP2S just because it fixes all the issues I have with the 2+, and it’s still super cheap. RP3+ doesn’t have magnetic hall sticks, and that’s huge for me.

Steam Deck would be sick, but it’s pricey as all hell. Maybe the price will go down if they release a 2 Steam 2 Deck.

kratoz29@lemm.ee on 18 Aug 2023 00:46 collapse

Yeah, seems like you’ll be fine with the RP2S!

It sucks that there are no cheap ways to emulate GCN, Wii, and PS2 properly, but well, on the bright side I suspect most of us have a huge backlog of older systems lol.

Pumpkinbot@lemmy.world on 18 Aug 2023 00:50 collapse

I’d love to be able to play Kingdom Hearts II, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy…Maybe in the near future. We’re already seeing a big bump in console power right now.

kratoz29@lemm.ee on 18 Aug 2023 00:52 collapse

Well, if you have a decent Android phone I’m pretty sure you can achieve that, it would only be a matter to get a controller (telescopic controller is the best if you ask me), you can even use the controllers that you already own, you’d only need a good clip or mount.

Teknikal@lemm.ee on 17 Aug 2023 11:04 next collapse

Can do this on a decent phone (emulated) but yeah it’s still nice having a dedicated handheld and going for a Vita look is also a good move.

Droptherock@lemmy.blahaj.zone on 17 Aug 2023 15:34 collapse

How many times does he need to say “real PS2 hardware”? We get it man.