While looking stuff up for another post I found a collection of every coverart for every intellivision game. Some really fantastic art in here. (www.arcadepunks.com)
from MacedWindow@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 04 Nov 2023 14:45 +0000

I really liked this cover for Thunder Castle. Never even heard of the game but this is the type of fantasy art I crave. Gameplay doesnt look too bad either!


Corgana@startrek.website on 04 Nov 2023 14:50 +0000 next

Wow, very nice. These will look great with Launchbox’s 3D boxes.

RightHandOfIkaros@lemmy.world on 05 Nov 2023 01:24 +0000

I too immediately thought to check the LaunchBox Database lol

Tedrow@lemmy.world on 04 Nov 2023 15:08 +0000 next

Awesome find. When I was a kid in the 90s I found an Intellivision with 30 games at a yard sale and bought it for $5. This was one of my most prized possessions. I wish I still had it today.

Nastybutler@lemmy.world on 04 Nov 2023 21:29 +0000

I’ll sell you mine

SpaceNoodle@lemmy.world on 04 Nov 2023 16:47 +0000 next

Shit site on mobile. The column of social media buttons floating on the right covers the most important parts of the art.

i_r_n00b@lemmy.world on 04 Nov 2023 17:48 +0000

I was thinking the same thing, how annoying

orbitz@lemmy.ca on 04 Nov 2023 21:39 +0000

There was room for a row at the bottom too that wouldn’t block the middle area view, I don’t know css extremely well but I figured they could put that row horizontal down there without much hassle and give a better view. Of course then you don’t get reminded to click on a social link, ugh.

geekzapoppin@lemm.ee on 04 Nov 2023 18:52 +0000 next

Mattel really did have great box art. Shit controllers, but great cover art and decent graphics for the time. I remember when my buddy got the voice module and B17 Bomber. When that thing talked, it was like magic.

vivadanang@lemm.ee on 05 Nov 2023 08:06 +0000

Ancient games - Atari and Intellivision - had amazing cover art because the graphics were blocks lol. It’s interesting as the 80s progresses and game fidelity started getting better that box art (LOOKING AT YOU MEGAMAN SHIT-SQUAT COVER DUDE) often got worse somehow…

I love the art from Super Breakout - that astronaut’s expression is like “fuck more space blocks, I need a break from this shit!”

thingsiplay@kbin.social on 04 Nov 2023 22:53 +0000

That website you linked also hosts ton of roms and complete romsets for every possibly system.