Long shot - How to get old .sav file to work with modern gameboy color emulators? (imgur.com)
from mesamunefire@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 17 Mar 2024 03:36

I have a very old Caanoo that I have been playing pokemon pinball for over 11 years. The game system has been repaired many times and still works(which is awesome). Recently, the system has been showing its age. It has to be plugged in to play more than 10 minutes and the joystick is getting pretty run down. I had to 3d print a repair and it looks…pretty ugly if im honest.

I have a score of 15,000,000,000+ ATM. I would like to keep it, somehow. Anyone know how to use the .sav file in another emulator? From what I understand, the Caanoo used the ohboy emulator back around 11 years ago? I can pull the files off the system, but not sure what else to do.

Let me know, I still have the gameboy cartridge and the Caanoo.


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404@lemmy.zip on 17 Mar 2024 03:58 next collapse

IIRC most emulators use .sav. You should be able to just drop it in the rom folder for most emulators.

Does this one work? github.com/skylersaleh/SkyEmu

empireOfLove2@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 17 Mar 2024 04:28 next collapse

yeah the .sav’s are generally all the same because they’re just almost always just a binary dump of RAM contents.

mesamunefire@lemmy.world on 17 Mar 2024 04:32 collapse

From 11+ years ago? I’ll give it a shot here tomorrow.

empireOfLove2@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 17 Mar 2024 04:50 next collapse

yes, even 11 years ago. it is dumping the ram state of the emulated processor and game state not of the emulator on it’s host system. There may be different header data or something that could cause problems but realistically all .sav’s really should be the same.

mesamunefire@lemmy.world on 17 Mar 2024 16:45 collapse

Thanks!!! It worked.

empireOfLove2@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 17 Mar 2024 22:20 collapse

hell yeah! enjoy your game :)

otp@sh.itjust.works on 17 Mar 2024 04:53 collapse

Hey, you’re playing a game from almost 30 years ago!

The data is actually exactly the same as what would be on a cartridge. The same way you can use a .gb file from the 90s, you can use a .sav file from the 90s too. Emulators were made to read those original files, not the other way around. Every GB emulator should have no problem reading those files.

Now save states is where you’ll run into trouble. Those are unique to the emulators, since the consoles never had them, meaning each emulator had to create them from scratch. You might find some cross compatibility, but generally not, I’d think.

This should generally be true for most emulators. And for most consoles themselves, actually – you could run most ROMs from a console and even .sav files between emulators and consoles! (e.g., with an EverDrive)

mesamunefire@lemmy.world on 17 Mar 2024 16:45 collapse

This is awesome.

mesamunefire@lemmy.world on 17 Mar 2024 16:44 collapse

OMG you are all wonderful people. It worked!!!

mesamunefire@lemmy.world on 17 Mar 2024 17:12 collapse

I was able to convert the save file from sav to srm by…just renaming it and pushing it back into the system. So the miyoo mini plus with gambette was able to get it working!!