A Brief Look at the 3DS Cartridge Protocol (blog.winter-software.com)
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just_another_person@lemmy.world on 04 Jun 21:13 collapse

What does a weird Anime still have to do with this?

MagnyusG@lemmy.world on 04 Jun 21:25 collapse

authors profile picture.

just_another_person@lemmy.world on 05 Jun 00:37 collapse

Even weirder

pastermil@sh.itjust.works on 05 Jun 02:14 collapse

Clearly you haven’t seen many open source developers.

just_another_person@lemmy.world on 05 Jun 02:36 collapse

Yes, of course not. I just happened to know the ins and outs in my off- time. For fun

kaboom36@ani.social on 10 Jun 11:38 collapse

Fun fact: you are likely running code right now that was written by people with anime profile pictures