One of my recent retro game moments
from to on 18 Apr 2024 13:50

A lot has changed since the late 1980s. I can now run Thunder Blade off of a flash cartridge (EasyFlash3). And in general I’ve grown so cynical of in-game product placement that it’s not even funny.


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I love photos like this. Looks cozy! on 18 Apr 2024 14:06 next collapse

Pepsi, its the choice of a new generation (that is now staring down the barrel of retirement). But we’ll be taking our C64 with us. Retirement home Jumpman tournaments are gonna be awesome. on 18 Apr 2024 14:16 next collapse

That keyboard… I want to touch it. Clack clack clack on 18 Apr 2024 14:27 next collapse

That’s a commodore computer, their keyboards aren’t terrible but they’re kind of squishy and not the best on 18 Apr 2024 14:34 next collapse

Squish squish squish! on 18 Apr 2024 14:46 collapse

I actually really like the C64 keyboards - not perfect by any means, but they are some of the best keyboards in the 8-bit computers, really.

Fun thing, I wrote one NaNoWriMo novel on a C64, so I don’t think the typing comfort is too much of an issue. Though for that experiment I actually used my C64C, because the low-profile case makes things a tiny bit more ergonomic. (I don’t use it that C64 specimen much for other purposes, because it has a busted/temperamental SID. The one in the picture is my C64G, which is one of the last models produced, basically C64C guts in a breadbin-style case.) on 19 Apr 2024 00:35 collapse

I recently got out my Vic-20, which of course has a very similar keyboard. Not low-profile at all, so it really forced me to have proper typist posture. on 18 Apr 2024 14:32 collapse

Yes… You want to touch it…

But before clicking clack, tip it upside-,down and give it a couple bangs.

A whole new wooooorld! (Don’t you dare cover your mouth) on 18 Apr 2024 14:35 collapse

blep! it’s in my mouth! on 18 Apr 2024 14:26 next collapse

Nice try Coca-Cola marketing, I’m on to you! on 18 Apr 2024 18:03 collapse

This actually gave me a pause. I guess a lot of marketing bullshit is actually about turning people into warring tribes. “This thing is trying to market X? Well damn you, I like Y! That is the best! Everyone, get Y!” …actually explains a lot about the perennial Console Wars: the companies like it as long as someone is winning. (…Jim Steph Sterling really was right, following game business for a moment is an easy way to become a critic of capitalism) on 19 Apr 2024 00:23 collapse

Everyone wants to be on the winning team. Our brains will make up all kinds of things to rationalize what we believe.

Also, I played and beat a burned PS1 “Pepsiman”, so I’m not sure where that puts me besides old. on 19 Apr 2024 05:17 collapse

It isn’t “zero” sugar