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Loopy, known for creating one of the oldest 3DS capture cards, has recently released a beta version of their software for New 3DS XL capture cards. This software allows users to capture true 3D images, enabling them to play 3DS games in 3D with a VR headset.

Unlike emulation, this setup utilizes real hardware for optimal performance and compatibility. Users can adjust the console’s 3D slider to achieve the perfect three-dimensional effect, as demonstrated by @Akfamilyhome on Twitter.

Could VR be the perfect way to play 3DS games?


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Trippy. Saved. on 06 Jul 17:56 collapse

Yes, except I think I’d prefer emulation. I was able to get Dolphin to work in VR and that was wild but quite a bit was broken. Wasn’t because of emulation, though, as culling was usually the main issue and emulation was able to fix it.

Except animal crossing, those games take place on a giant cylinder and it’s super trippy to see in VR. on 06 Jul 18:22 next collapse

Citra can already be played in VR, this looks a bit unnecessary. on 06 Jul 20:08 collapse

Haven’t seen citra in a while. I’ll need to take a look. on 06 Jul 20:59 collapse

True, but there’s also just something cool about being able to do it on actual hardware, like that one guy getting VR to work on the N64.