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This guy… he’s un-fuckin-believable. on 25 May 17:36 next collapse

I was a sucker for these fmv games back in the day. The more CDs the game came on the better. Bonus for lots of recognisable actors too. on 25 May 20:39 next collapse

Let’s try this out on a completely random, unbiased sample: Pandora Directive. 7 CDs, features Kevin McCarthy who played the antagonist of Weird Al Yankovic’s masterpiece UHF, and it’s one of the best PC games ever made.

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This made me find this game and download it. Good so far. on 03 Jun 12:25 collapse

Christopher Walken is an amazing actor. I probably watched every single Christopher Walken movie ever made, but I didn't know that he did also a FMV. Thanks for sharing!