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Former Oculus designer and founder of ModRetro, Palmer Luckey, is set to release a new retro handheld gaming device later this year, aiming to compete with the Analogue Pocket. This comes as great news for tech enthusiasts, as it adds another option in the FPGA-based market.

Key Information:

Distinct Features:

  1. Design Focus: The Chromatic is tailored specifically to showcase Game Boy games as they were originally released.
  2. Display Technology:
    • Maintains Nintendo’s original 160x144 resolution on a screen designed to ensure faithful visual representation of Game Boy games.

Comparison with Analogue Pocket:

Additional Touches:

As the competition heats up between FPGA-based retro handhelds, what do you think is most important in designing such devices? Is it accuracy, convenience, or nostalgia that holds the key to attracting gamers?


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I was trying to read those stripes a pride flags, but I’m guessing by the creator that’s unlikely on 20 Jun 2024 09:03 next collapse

Or it’s deliberate trolling on 20 Jun 2024 11:42 collapse

Or it is just an extremely common retro style motif dating to the 70s/80s, color coordinated with the base device color schemes, with no particular intended political meaning whatsoever.

Occam’s razor is a useful blade. on 20 Jun 2024 11:47 collapse

…I know? Believe it or not I’m aware of those decades and their aesthetics, I didn’t need you to condescendingly explain that to me. I was just saying that it was my first instinct, especially since some do resemble pride flags. on 20 Jun 2024 09:03 next collapse

For those who like a bit of fascism with their emulation. on 20 Jun 2024 09:08 collapse

Explain? on 20 Jun 2024 10:22 collapse

Apparently he does fundraisers for Trump on 20 Jun 2024 12:36 next collapse

He also has a company that does anti drone tech for the Department of Defense. on 21 Jun 2024 17:00 collapse

He also got caught secretly funding a racist trolling group to spread hate and harass people. on 20 Jun 2024 12:19 collapse

So it’s just a worse Analogue Pocket for almost the same price…? on 20 Jun 2024 16:32 collapse

Or over 2x the price of an FPGBC