Dangan GB2, a new boss-rush, bullet-hell, shoot 'em up game for Game Boy Color, was just released to celebrate the console's 25th anniversary (snorpung.itch.io)
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Interesting, but that name is pretty easy to conufse with Danganronpa, especially with the styling of the logo.

HoloPengin@lemmy.world on 22 Oct 2023 02:11 +0000

Dangan (弾丸) literally just means bullet, and Danganronpa doesn’t use the kanji in its logo. The stripe with the English/romaji subtitle is the same color as the big text in the Danganronpa logo but it’s inverted here.

It’s fine.

stockRot@lemmy.world on 22 Oct 2023 03:08 +0000

No one said it wasn’t fine. It’s just confusing to non-Japanese speakers

Chadsalot@lemmy.world on 22 Oct 2023 14:14 +0000

Man this is a little tough! Been enjoying it so far, thanks for sharing.

drcouzelis@lemmy.zip on 22 Oct 2023 19:26 +0000

I’m glad you’re enjoying it! 🙂 I was a play tester and I got my butt kicked a lot in the beginning too. It should be challenging, but very fair.