Mupen64 Plus FZ broken on RP3+?
from to on 22 Oct 2023 12:57

At some point, I don’t know when, Mupen64 Pro FZ stopped launching games on my Retroid Pocket 3+. I have the paid version from the play store, and my N64 games are stored as zip files. I haven’t messed with any settings (I think) and it used to work fine, so I’m a bit baffled.

Does anyone know what’s going on or if there is a fix? Thanks for any help.


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Hey I noticed this earlier this week too but I can’t remember what I did exactly to correct this. I think I reinstalled the app but I’m not sure. But yeah, something weird is going on and you’re not alone. on 22 Oct 2023 13:10 collapse

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling the app later. I was reluctant to try because I’m worried what might happen to my custom game settings. on 22 Oct 2023 13:36 collapse

I really wish I could remember what I did. I was messing with it during my lunch break, trying a bunch of different things, and then it started working again. Hopefully you can find a solution that doesn’t require reinstalling! on 23 Oct 2023 04:46 collapse

Actually, the reinstall fixed it! I went into the settings and found an option that allowed me to export my custom emulation/controller profiles and game data, so I was also able to keep all of that intact. Thank you. on 23 Oct 2023 16:16 collapse

Nice! Glad you were able to save your settings!