Playing TMNT 2 on 3:2 monitor
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Discovered this video from RetroGameCorps and decided to try it. The monitor is great, it’s quite nice to play with tiny borders. I more of a NES fan and trying to finish TMNT 2 right now. But it looks even more amazing for GameBoy Advance games, which have exactly 3:2 resolution.

Currently playing on my PC, but it also works with my PinePhone. Although due to some kernel or compositor issue it can’t render 3:2 aspect ratio, the picture just glitches. So on the phone instead of 2520x1680, I use 2560x1600. Not a big deal, with such high resolution I can’t tell the difference. But hope that the problem will be sorted out eventually.

About the game. It’s so hard. First two bosses stronger then all other bosses except the last one (the last one actually consists of two bosses). And the last one is so hard… I can’t beat it. In all walkthroughs on YouTube people just never die until the end, save all 3 initial lives, gain 2 more during the completion (so 6 lives in total) and waste almost all of them on the last fight. I can finish up to the last boss on a single continue, but I usually end up with only a single life left and always die. And even though 2 continues are left and they resume the game on the last boss fight, I still can’t beat it because the continue gives me only 3 lives. It’s just not enough to kill Krang and Shredder :( Playing without save states with RetroAchievements of course. Looks like to master the game it’s basically enough to just finish it, because all achievements left for me I just kill last boss, gain 5 lives and complete with a single continue (my profile). But looks like the only way to finish the game is to use a single continue and save all 5 lives. Last fight takes 4+ lives for me. I know about Konami code, but RetroAchievements won’t count if I activate it. Any advice?

In my childhood I managed to finish only 4 levels :)


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Here is an alternative Piped link(s):


Piped is a privacy-respecting open-source alternative frontend to YouTube.

I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 09 Oct 2023 20:27 next collapse

Steam Deck eat your heart out. on 09 Oct 2023 20:56 next collapse

I see an 8bitdo controller, I upvote on 09 Oct 2023 21:57 next collapse

B,A,B,A, up, down, B,A, left, right, B,A, start. on 09 Oct 2023 22:19 next collapse

Yes, I know about the Konami code. I tried to enter it, but achievements for bosses and lives were not counted. on 09 Oct 2023 23:01 collapse

That's not the Konami code, and wtf are achievements? on 10 Oct 2023 00:54 next collapse

retroachievements is a website that can log and update your achievement progress on different emulators for your emulated games. You have to make an account and turn off save states and stuff. I think the achievements are made by the community. on 10 Oct 2023 06:45 next collapse

You are right, not the Konami code, it’s 9 lives + stage select. I tried it too, but after this the achievements are not counted after it for some reason.

RetroAchievements is a service with community-made achievements for retro games. Many emulators supports it. You can login and play as usual to earn them. There is also a hardcode mode when loading states and other emulator advantages are disabled, so you have to beat it as it was on the original hardware. on 10 Oct 2023 22:34 collapse

My NES lacked the connectivity for such things.

I have a lot of codes that burst out of my subconcious when I see games that I've played the shit out of. on 11 Oct 2023 12:39 collapse

People are so addicted to the arbitrary “you did it!” mcguffins that they’ve started adding them to games that never had them. Now NES games aren’t done when the credits role because you failed to make it through stage 3 without taking damage or some other bull shit. on 10 Oct 2023 03:32 collapse

This is what we did back in the day. The game is a quarter muncher so cheating to just enjoy and beat the game made perfect sense to me after paying however much this shit cost back then. on 10 Oct 2023 02:49 collapse

I wish people would make full-sized desktop monitors with taller aspect ratios. Sure, 16:9 is great for movies and modern video games, but even outside of retro stuff taller aspect ratios like 3:2 and 4:3 are much better for reading/coding/etc. but nobody makes them anymore.