Anyone remember Rad Mobile the first Sonic The Hedgehog game?
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Rad Mobile is an arcade Sega racing game from 1991. It was the first appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog… as a windshield ornament! The cars were sprites. Later they released the game retitled Gale Racer for the Sega Saturn with polygon cars.

I recently played the game and found it really challenge to rank high. The game has 20 levels starting in Los Angeles and ending in New York.


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I was born in 1993…

So no I don’t remember playing it. But I might check it out though thanks for the recommendation on 08 May 05:45 next collapse

Featured in the movie Encino Man (1992) [This YouTube compilation clip is in Italian] on 08 May 05:46 collapse

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Encino Man (1992)

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I remember seeing this in an amusement park arcade!

I was a giant Nintendo fan and my sister was a Sega fan. She was like “oh, wow, look, Sonic!” and I was like “why did they hang him?” …and that was last time this game was discussed in the household. on 08 May 08:46 next collapse

I remember playing it as a teen in the arcades, what most impressed me at the time was the road verticality, it was fantastic for the time. I really miss the time of Sega and Namco arcade racers, I don’t find modern racing games enjoyable at all. One of the only exception is New star GP, it hits the feels perfectly and capture very nicely the looks from Virtua Racing. Now if only we could get Outrun 3.

Edit : speaking of Virtua racing, I remember playing the arcade cockpit version that was hitting/pushing you to simulate the car movements, these times were truly insane. on 08 May 13:50 collapse

i feel the same way about classic vs modern racers but i totally missed New Star GP getting released, it looks amazing! on 08 May 18:29 collapse

It plays amazing too, it really feels like a Sega/Namco game. I play in normal mode because I am not the greatest at racing games and I find it super enjoyable… The last racing game that interested me was excite truck on Wii and I test a lot of them to find something I like among them. on 08 May 11:04 collapse

Yeah this game was great… I must have played it after other Sonic games had come out. I never knew this was his first appearance. Such a cool piece of history!

Did the car have windshield wipers that you had to turn on when you got mud on the windshield or am I mixing this up with a different game? on 08 May 13:10 collapse

I would imagine so considering the fact that the picture posted has muddy windshield and windahield wipers on action

edit: yeah does have that feature! I tried the game on it’s pretty fun