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I agree. Saturn is it’s own thing, and much more than just the story of its failure.

But I cannot help tell that story, because, like many, I never experienced it. It was simply too expensive. I spent my allowance on my Sega 32X and then my Sega CD and then Sony PlayStation.

There wasn’t money or available units in my childhood to buy a Saturn.

As an adult, I don’t feel like I know enough about the Saturn to shop for a used console and games, and I suppose don’t have the nostalgia to want to spend a lot.

I found it hard to emulate, though maybe I’m not willing to work as hard at it because I’m not really aware what I’m missing.

Anyway, from what I know of the Saturn catalog, Sega would change the narrative decisively, by releasing a Sega Saturn Mini console. Here’s hoping! on 13 May 00:36 next collapse

My friend had a Saturn and it was so dope.

Panzer Dragoon and Materia were so fun. on 13 May 05:49 next collapse

SegaLordX on YouTube is great for learning about Saturn games on 13 May 06:57 next collapse

Yep! on 13 May 16:33 collapse

I’ve seen some of SegaLordX’s videos, and they were great. This is great reminder that I should go binge their back catalog. Thanks! on 13 May 17:05 collapse

Honestly one of my favourite gaming channels on YouTube. Enjoy! on 13 May 15:00 collapse

Uh…there was an article that had a Sega executive stating that manufacturing more microconsoles would be expensive. on 13 May 16:23 collapse

Yeah. I’ve seen that, too. It’s a shame.

I suspect that “expensive” here means “not as wildly profitable as we’re used to”, and that they’ll get around to it when they run out of other ideas.

There’s a few companies out there now successfully selling hard to emulate stuff. I dream that Sega can make a deal with one of them to make a DreamCast and a Saturn Mini console happen.

Or feven a nice Steam bundle would be okay with me. I’m not going to plop down $7 per game when I don’t know anything about their catalog, but I’m down for a big $40-$60 curated collection.