Recommendations for SNES style controllers supported by retro handhelds
from to on 26 Jul 2023 13:51 +0000

I have an RG353V currently running ArkOS. Works great, plugged it into my TV and looks great there too. Tried both a USB Xbox controller and PS3 controller and neither seem to be recognized (both of which I know Linux kernel models exist to support). Wanted to pick up a couple of SNES style controllers (kids mostly play Nintendo games) but wasn’t sure if anyone could vouch for specific brands or models they know work on these platforms. on 26 Jul 2023 14:00 +0000

8bitdo makes controllers that I use and recommend. Even have some in the form factor of SNES (that’s what I have).

They work on my Pi arcade emulator really well.

Edit: on 26 Jul 2023 14:06 +0000 next

Yes, awesome. I saw them before and totally forgot about it. Thanks. on 26 Jul 2023 14:17 +0000 next

Oh sweet, I was looking for a good wireless one for snes too. So these work good for n64 and PlayStation too? on 26 Jul 2023 14:39 +0000

They have adapters for their wireless controllers, and I think you can use old controller shells and put new “guts” in to update them… if you have old controllers, of course! on 26 Jul 2023 14:32 +0000 next

I have one that’s shaped like the SNES, it’s pretty good. The only issue I have is sometimes it doesn’t connect to my retropi and I have to remove it and reconnect it again. on 27 Jul 2023 12:31 +0000 next

I highly recommend any of their controllers. Build quality and hardware support is amazing. on 29 Jul 2023 23:34 +0000

Seconding 8bitdo!

I got a zero 2 as a joke and it ended up being super comfortable for such a tiny controller. I ended up getting an sn30 pro plus shortly after my Logitech f710 pads died. After a couple years of speed runs I blew out the contact pads and found out that they’re ridiculously easy to replace. They use the same pads as the original SNES! I got a pro 2 and retired the pro plus last year, but it’s still totally functioning.