3-screen Ridge Racer arcade sim left to rot, then salvaged (www.pcgamer.com)
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“Insert 400 tokens.”

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Arcade Blogger is the original article.

It’s a real shame what could have been but at least the code has been saved. This brings back memories of how insanely fun arcades used to be!

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The National Videogame Museum appeared to know little about the deal for it to take on the cabinet and added “As far as we’ve been told, there has been some recent water damage to the unit, which might make it impossible”.

It later said it hadn’t been contacted before the purchase and, because of its current condition and storage implications, it would not be accepting the cabinet.

PSA: This kind of thing happens far too often. If you’re planning on buying something to donate to a museum, contact them before purchase! Involve them in the process from the beginning, especially if the condition is in question.