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HyperMegaTech has announced the Super Pocket, a new retro arcade handheld that comes complete with a bunch of classic arcade titles for you to enjoy. It’s available in two editions: the Capcom Edition and the Taito Edition, each with its own unique lineup of games.

The Capcom Edition boasts 12 games, including original arcade versions of Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, 1942, and Final Fight, as well as the home console version of Mega Man. Meanwhile, the Taito Edition comes with 17 games, featuring Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, and Elevator Action, among others.

Both consoles have simple user interfaces and support Evercade’s cartridge system, which means you’ll have access to over 500 games if you want to expand your Super Pocket’s library. The Super Pocket launches in October, with pre-orders opening on July 14th for $59 apiece.

Which edition appeals to you?


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Great price for sure. I am trying to wait until later this year for clarity on the guy that is supposedly making MiSTER clones in portable styles. It doesn’t sound like vaporware but it might be.

Taki Udon is the handle. News about it in this article:… on 15 Jun 2024 16:16 next collapse

This is super old news, but I’m happy to see these get more attention. These released last October.

These devices are delight. It makes a great gift for a casual retro game enthusiast - particularly if gifted with an Evercade cartridge matched to their interests.

Both built-in game line-ups are fantastic, and the Evercade library is a delight.

The big caviat of the whole Evercade set is that the cartridges are really just SD cards inside. So they’re not probably going to last terribly well. on 16 Jun 2024 06:05 next collapse

Just announced? Crazy, I already have the Taito version. on 16 Jun 2024 12:46 collapse

Whoops, looks like I got my wires crossed! Thanks for keeping me on my toes. Yes, it appears that this announcement is indeed an old one.

What’s your experience with the Taito version? Have you made use of the Evercade compatibility. on 25 Jun 08:36 collapse

As commenters have pointed out this was, in fact, released last year. This does mean that there are video reviews available: