Winning the Gold Cup on Mario Kart 64 as Yoshi
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“Retro gaming”. Omg, I’m old at 35. 😳 on 27 Apr 16:40 next collapse

Yeah… Seeing this as a retro game hurts. Also, I can’t remember if winning this cup as Yoshi is a noteworthy accomplishment or not. on 27 Apr 16:45 next collapse

It isn’t about the character you choose to use for the race. I’d be more concerned about the 50cc part. Although, now that you mention it, it seems like using bigger characters (Bowser, etc) made the car move slower. on 27 Apr 18:57 collapse

Bigger characters had a lower top speed, but could maintain speed while turning better. They could also bump lighter characters and spin them out. on 28 Apr 01:40 collapse

My recollection was big characters had a higher top speed, but slow acceleration. Small characters were the opposite. Medium characters didn’t excel or suck at either. on 28 Apr 09:07 next collapse

That’s roughly what is was for the SNES game. Probably N64 too but I don’t recall. on 28 Apr 14:28 next collapse

Yeah, Bowser would hit the highest speeds, but if you hit a wall or a shell, it would take forever to get going again. on 28 Apr 16:28 collapse

This isn’t correct for N64 Mario Kart. They actually did give the lightweights the best acceleration and top speed. I found a video that did some analysis. on 28 Apr 16:29 next collapse

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

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I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 28 Apr 18:41 collapse

That was not my recollection of how it was supposed to work or how it worked in practice, but I found an archive of the original guidebook, and it says exactly what you said. Interesting. I got passed up by Donkey Kong and Bowser on straightaways all the time, but maybe that’s more of a mirror mode challenge thing than a size of the karts things. on 28 Apr 18:55 collapse

Oh yeah, that’s probably just the rubber band effect, which was pretty strong at 150cc. on 27 Apr 17:48 collapse

It is not the game is very easy. Yoshi is also one of the best characters (there’s a total of 3 characters, light, medium and heavy). on 27 Apr 21:25 next collapse

Want to feel older? Since the N64, we’ve had the GameCube, Wii, Wii U and Switch. The latter of which has been out for 7 years already and is probably going to be replaced soon. on 27 Apr 23:40 collapse

Thanks. I hate it.

I remember getting excited over the NES. on 28 Apr 16:39 collapse

But… like imagine the worth of our stories in 50 years. Well have essentially seen the entire evolution of gaming, from the beginning of digital gaming, personally experiencing it.

We’ll be interviewed like witnesses to historical events.

“So you could cheat in Track&Field by getting a lego wheel piece, and rolling it over the A and B buttons, which was much faster than trying to push them in an alternating order.”

“The taunting laugh of the Duck Hunt dog still haunts my nightmares” on 28 Apr 15:57 next collapse

I played games before there were consoles. I am fucking dust, man. on 29 Apr 01:37 collapse

We’ll get through this together, man! on 27 Apr 16:44 next collapse

On 50cc? Ok scrub. on 27 Apr 19:24 next collapse

Congratulations! I hope that you are enjoying the game ^^ on 27 Apr 23:05 collapse

I am, thanks! on 28 Apr 01:18 next collapse

i was looking forward to playing this on iphone with Delta but the Analog joystick is mostly digital and sucks for turns. on 29 Apr 06:52 collapse

Excellent work, my favourite Mario Kart due to countless, countless hours spent playing at uni.

Need to set that bad boy to 4:3 not 16:9 for the aspect ratio to be correct though!