The Temple of DOOM
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Reminds me those Sega CD/Mega CD games with full motion videos, like Corpse Killer (rail shooter) or Road Avenger (quick time events). Now I kinda want to have this. on 29 Sep 2023 03:45 next collapse

I loved the idea of those games, but the ones I played would always feel like the gameplay was second to the live-action videos. Like we were supposed to be so entertained by the production value that it didn’t matter how the game actually played. on 29 Sep 2023 03:48 collapse

Yeah, the games itself weren't good. I wasn't a big fan of them back in the day. But I feel somewhat nostalgic about them nowadays when playing on an emulator. on 29 Sep 2023 03:55 collapse

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties

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