Google Contributes $1M to Rust Foundation to Support C++/Rust “Interop Initiative” (
from to on 05 Feb 18:51

#rust on 05 Feb 23:27 next collapse

Nice. This is just what I’ve been looking to do recently. The current libraries just don’t cut it on 06 Feb 01:35 next collapse

Rare W by google on 06 Feb 02:11 next collapse

That’s what, 2 senior engineers for one year in the Bay or NYC?

Maybe 3 or 4 in a low CoL city?

Or maybe it’s more like an army of grad students?

Not too bad.

Edit: doh, it says in the article

Recommendations will likely include the hiring of one or more Interop Initiative engineers on 06 Feb 08:33 collapse

10 Seniors in east europe. on 06 Feb 19:01 next collapse

They should rather fund rewrites than interop. Who want’s to have C++ filth in their rust projects? If you need to deal with C++, just use carbon (or better: quit your job and become a landscaper, so you never have to look at C++ code ever again). on 07 Feb 15:49 collapse

“How to rewrite your first rust project” meme is pretty funny. Maybe we just do some interopt and the eco system can gradually migrate as new and better ideas need programmed? on 07 Feb 19:16 collapse

Sounds reasonable. I just couldn’t resist this opportunity to post some C++ hate. on 07 Feb 01:42 collapse

I wonder what the planned scope is. C++ is such a fundamentally uncooperative language.