Rust For Lemmings - Code Together | "The Rust Programming Language" book club meeting on twitch
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The concept

A streamed reading club focused on rusts The Book and becoming reasonably good rust developers through community collaboration. If you’re interested, please comment so we know this’s something you’d like to join in on.

A Begining

To begin, I’ll be setting up a twitch stream where we read through the book together and solve some problems together related to the concepts provided. We’ll be able to collaborate in chat, and talk about it here after each stream. This way, we’ll be able to lean on each other or just hang out while we learn the language Lemmy uses for it’s backend. Other hosts will be welcome as the end goal is to create a group of people whose goal is to support our collective growth as developers

Anybodies welcome of any skill set, whether or not they want to continue on once we get to lemmys code base. If you’re completely new to rust this is a great place to start and if you already know the language we’d love to have you all the more. At the very least it’s a good networking opportunity but you’ll likely learn more than you thought.


Please comment your availability so we can find the best time and day to do this. As a stand-in and default though, 6:30pm EST (New York Time) on tuesday will be the start time. I’d be available on most days myself after 5pm Eastern Time (new york) though so don’t hesitate to suggest another time/date.


For now, I’ll be streaming this on a twitch channel I created a bit ago but never used. The link is here:

Thank you for the idea.


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I’ve never been big on watching streams, but this sounds like a good place to check one out. Current time is when I am just getting out of work, so it will be a perfect thing to do as I get home and want to unwind! on 06 Feb 11:03 next collapse

I like the idea!

When will it be? on 06 Feb 15:21 collapse

Current plan is for Tuesdays at 6:30pm EST

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What’s the duration? 6:30 until… on 06 Feb 16:18 next collapse Would be the best person to answer that question.

A new post will be made with more details to the book club community once they are finalized. Please subscribe. on 06 Feb 17:30 collapse

That’s a great question, I’ll admit I hadn’t thought about that until now. I’ll aim for a maximum of two hours for this one. Meaning 6:30-8:30.

This will be my first time doing something like this though so I’m unsure how long these things should last. We’ll see how it goes however, and what the time frame of those who come in is. The idea is for this to be more of a discussion than a normal stream so an exact schedule is impossible to determine before we start. I’ll be free the entire night though, but I’d like to keep the main event below two hours.

Thanks for calling me in on 06 Feb 16:05 collapse

This is such a lovely idea. I look forward to joining this.