Looking for kernel development/OS development/general programming tutoring (Zig & Rust)
from nyanbinary@lemmy.ml to rust@programming.dev on 21 Nov 2023 00:54 +0000

I’m a complete beginner in programming with no prior experience, and I want a tutor/mentor to learn Rust for software(GUI, games, software in general) development and, eventually, kernel development(microkernels, IPC, specifically). I pay, of course. (Also, another note, I dislike UNIX (philosophy wise), so I would be looking to get experience in non-UNIX kernel development but also learn UNIX stuff as well.) Furthermore, to note, is I’m interested in game development.

I have a document from my previous tutor in this outlining the stuff I am keen to learn, practically a syllabus, so if you want to see it dm me :3.


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Reacher@lemmy.world on 21 Nov 2023 05:36 +0000

Do you also dislike unix-like kernels?