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This looks pretty interesting, anyone read any of these? I’m usually not a fan of digital books, but the price is right.

I’m pretty experienced with programming in general and decent with Rust, but there’s probably some stuff to learn here yet. on 17 Apr 2024 18:32 collapse

“Asynchronous programming in Rust” is really good, imho. My colleagues and I read it to get a deeper understanding of async Rust. I was skeptical at first, because it is from Packt, but it turned out to be a decent book. Also enjoyed the recent rustacean station episode with its author. on 17 Apr 2024 23:44 collapse

Looks like that one is included, and I’m doing a lot of async in Rust lately, so it’s probably worth picking up. I’ve had annoying compile errors that I’ve been able to work around, and a better understanding of how it all works would probably help. on 17 Apr 2024 02:04 next collapse

Damn it. Another time I get tricked by the name of this language. on 17 Apr 2024 02:14 collapse

You were expecting a book bundle about mastering fungi in the order Pucciniales? on 17 Apr 2024 02:16 collapse

I was hoping for a riveting book about metal oxidation, tbh. Oh well, a man can dream. on 17 Apr 2024 02:43 collapse

Well, it’s not quite the metal you were thinking of, but here’s an older finnish metal band named RUST that can hopefully help until you find what you’re looking for. on 17 Apr 2024 02:39 next collapse

Unfortunately I wouldn’t buy these given that it’s from Packt Publishing. I’ve bought quite a few of their books over the years and more often than not they’re either full of glaring writing errors that would have been caught if the book was looked at by an editor at all, the code examples have errors that require deep knowledge of said book topic to correct making it hard to progress, or the book doesn’t seem to follow a linear learning path making understanding what the author is trying to convey much harder.

Don’t get me wrong there are some good books from Packt, but they’re much rarer than say a book from O’Reilly or Manning. They seem to just churn out content and not have a rigorous editing process meaning that it’s mostly up to the author’s writing ability to create something useful.

I used to grab their free ebook of the day when they used to have that and more often than not I would delete or never finish the books because they were just so low quality. on 17 Apr 2024 03:23 collapse

I’ve skimmed these and I’m not convinced they’re worth the purchase. Every time there’s a Packt bundle it’s a mixed bag. I don’t think these are great for a beginner because of the usual Packt concerns and I don’t think they’re great for an expert because of the usual Packt concerns. For the midtier unless you need these right now and have no other resources, it’s a better bet to wait for a similar bundle, even in other languages, from Manning or O’Reilly. on 17 Apr 2024 03:28 next collapse

All my homies hate Packt.

Seriously though, I bought one bundle of Packt books and they were some of the most poorly written books I have ever worked through. Not to mention as I got better at the subject, I frequently had to relearn things I “learned” from those books. If it was even correct, it was frequently a bad way of doing something. on 17 Apr 2024 03:56 next collapse

Fanatical has a similar bundle that I decided not to buy, because Packt.…/programming-with-rust-bundle on 17 Apr 2024 16:00 next collapse

Quite interesting, thank on 18 Apr 2024 14:20 next collapse

Have any of you noticed that two of the books are C# books? Blazor WebAssembly by Example and Mastering Blazor WebAssembly. Why are they here? Is it because of web assembly? on 18 Apr 2024 14:34 next collapse

Rust has an official online book that literally has everything you’d ever need to know in it, read through it and you’re set. on 06 May 18:08 collapse

I bought the bundle looking for some wasm, async and web Rust resources. I’m not impressed. The books quality is low and most of it is a waste of time I would have used more effectively with just documentation. It’s also true that there are some C++ and C# books in there which baffles me. I’ve actually started reading one of the wasm books only to realize it’s a C++ one few minutes later 🤣

Once again I see that I should stay away from Packt.

I think I’ll go grab Rust for Rustaceans now instead of all those in the bundle.