Rust-Written GUI Toolkit Slint 1.3 Brings Initial Android Port, Native Styles On Windows (
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This is the best summary I could come up with:

Slint as a reminder is a Rust-written open-source graphical toolkit that on Linux uses Qt currently underneath.

Slint 1.3 is their first release with an initial Android port to be able to begin crafting Rust-based UIs for mobile and embedded environments.

The NLNet Foundation funded work on this Android port.

Slint 1.3 also adds native style support for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS while Slint on Linux continues making use of Qt when available.

With the Slint 1.3 announcement they showcased WesAudio as one of the apps making use of this toolkit:

Downloads and more details on the Slint 1.3 Rust UI toolkit via and the repository on GitHub.

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I wish libui-ng or even a direct minimalist native controls appeared, but most of them just recreate them and usually having accessibility issues, high DPI, etc. Slint default font looks different on Windows, so the Fluent style does not seem to use the native ones. It looks promising anyways.