In-progress COSMIC apps: terminal, file manager, text editor, and settings (
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COSMIC is a Wayland desktop environment for Linux that is written in Rust with Smithay and Iced. COSMIC applications are developed with the libcosmic platform toolkit, which is based on iced. They are cross-platform and supported on Windows, Mac, and Redox OS in addition to Linux.

As COSMIC nears its alpha release in Q1 of 2024, we have thus far developed a terminal, file manager, and text editor for our desktop environment within the last few months.

See cosmic-epoch for instructions on building and installing COSMIC.

#rust on 11 Jan 2024 13:28 next collapse

I’m really looking forward to the alpha release. I hope someone package it for Fedora also, so I can test it without to much hassle… if not, I guess it will be PopOS in a VM. what is the general state of it as of today? Are the developers at S76 able to use it as their daily driver (By that I mean, being able to use it since they can over look bugs and such, since they are the developers. Obviously a different bar than end users), or is that expected after the alpha? on 11 Jan 2024 14:52 next collapse

We’ve been using COSMIC on our systems since summer of last year. Some graphics drivers have issues, particularly NVIDIA drivers using Vulkan on Wayland. There are some XWayland bugs from time to time. It is very usable as is, but some settings aren’t implemented yet, and some toolkit features aren’t fully implemented. on 11 Jan 2024 15:45 collapse

Well, I have avoided Nvidia for 20 years due to driver issues on Linux, so I would be surprised if you had fixed them all :) But, it sound really promising, looking forward to try it out! on 11 Jan 2024 15:58 collapse

NVIDIA believes they’ll have the Vulkan on Wayland issue fixed in the 550 driver that they are planning to release early this year. Someone’s working on a fix in wgpu that happens to also boost performance for every driver in demos. on 12 Jan 2024 19:13 collapse

There are Nix packages for all of these tools as well. Not sure if that helps you, but Nix has been my new shiny thing that I like. on 11 Jan 2024 17:14 collapse

For those wondering what Redox OS is: on 11 Jan 2024 21:36 collapse

I checked it out. I’m a recovering OS junkie, but that might be enough to cause a relapse. :)