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Aww man uncalled destructors were definitely not even on my radar on 26 Mar 02:13 collapse

FYI, this is from 2015 and was deprecated around rust v1.0 release. It’s not a current issue. on 26 Mar 05:36 collapse

Well, it’s still true that mem::forget is safe, and Rust will almost certainly never change that. As noted in the blog post, this makes certain patterns unsound. on 26 Mar 06:32 next collapse

Only if your definition of soundness includes that leaks can never occur, which is not how Rust generally defines soundness. I think most Rust users know that the language doesn’t prevent leaks at this point. on 26 Mar 15:12 collapse

Maybe, but the comment I was responding to is not at all clear about what is deprecated and what is no longer an issue. Note, too, that the other top-level comment on the post is from someone who didn’t realize that destructors can be missed.

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