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This is the best summary I could come up with:

Rustls is the modern TLS library written in the Rust programming language with a large emphasis on memory safety and security.

Via a new “rustls-openssl-compat” OpenSSL compatibility layer started by the Rustls project, this Rust TLS implementation can now work with the Nginx web server.

This layer has been successfully tested with recent versions of Nginx to allow switching from OpenSSL to the memory-safe Rustls by simply swapping out the library.

The announcement this week notes: "After investing heavily in Rustls over the last few years, we now see it as a viable, performant, and memory safe alternative to OpenSSL.

Recent releases have brought pluggable cryptography with FIPS support, performance optimizations, post-quantum key exchange, and numerous other improvements.

In the coming months, we will focus on improving performance in the few areas where Rustls doesn’t already surpass OpenSSL and add support for RFC 8879 for certificate compression.

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Wow, this is great news! The C implementation of SSL was at core of Heartbleed, a vulnerability due to unchecked length of packets. Getting something this important in rust is great upgrade.

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