What are you working on this week? (Mar. 17, 2024)
from secana@programming.dev to rust@programming.dev on 17 Mar 2024 18:30

Hi rustaceans! What are you working on this week? Did you discover something new, you want to share?


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Toes@ani.social on 17 Mar 2024 18:39 next collapse

The giant stack of dishes left by the family in the sink.

But I was looking for a rust project to control a ham radio to be used as a high-speed digital transmitter without much joy.

secana@programming.dev on 17 Mar 2024 19:10 collapse

Yeah, real world duties have priority over programming rust. Unfortunately.

secana@programming.dev on 17 Mar 2024 19:12 next collapse

I released the next minor version of kellnr.io which support the display of crates, cached from crates.io, in the UI now. For the first iteration of that feature, they are only shown and searchable in the crate overview and a click forwards to crates.io, as not all meta information is stored in kellnr, for cached crates. That may change in the future, if someone requests it.

fatfck@sh.itjust.works on 18 Mar 2024 10:47 collapse

Starting to port the Nodejs HTTP router github.com/delvedor/find-my-way to Rust, for practice.