Sentc: End-to-end encryption sdk with user management. Now with post quantum cryptography. (
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Sentc is an encryption sdk with user-, key- and group management to build end-to-end encrypted applications.

It helps not only to encrypt and decrypt between users and groups but also with key management and key rotation, 2-factor authentication via totp and file handling.

Now with CRYSTALS Kyber for asymmetric encryption and CRYSTALS Dilithium for signing. These are used as hybrid with x25519 or ed25519.

An api will store the public keys and encrypted private keys (encrypted by the client and can only be decrypted by the client) as well as encrypted symmetric keys. The api never gets access to the clear secret keys.

The sdk also provide searchable encryption (encrypted data can be searched on the server) and sortable encryption (encrypted data can be sorted).

The core sdk is written in rust and is cross compiled to flutter and wasm.

I hope you may like it. If you have questions, just ask.

Have a great day.



api git:

Js git:

flutter git:


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This is awesome! Thanks for making it