The Linux Kernel now contains the first useful thing built using Rust (
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first useful thing built using Rust

wording is pretty funny here taken out of context. on 15 Jan 2024 12:03 next collapse

What even is the context? on 15 Jan 2024 12:11 collapse

The Linux devs are hesitant to use Rust, because it doesn’t compile to all platforms Linux supports. So, it can only be used for drivers that are only useful on specific platforms that are supported by the compiler, which meant that until now it only was experimental ones like the graphics driver for Apple Silicon Macs. on 15 Jan 2024 15:26 collapse

So it’s the first useful thing built in rust for the Linux kernel?

And the out of context is “First useful thing built in rust (period)”? on 15 Jan 2024 16:43 collapse

Yes. on 15 Jan 2024 18:14 collapse

The poster finds it “kinda odd” that people don’t immediately correctly interpret statements like this toot as being exclusively about the upstream kernel:

I find it “kinda odd” that he expects that to be a natural reading of the original toot. on 15 Jan 2024 13:23 next collapse

Kind of deceptive wording. A considerable amount of code, that went into making the Apple M1 through M3 hardware work on Linux, is written in Rust, namely the graphical stack on 23 Jan 14:48 collapse

Building a network driver is an excellent use case for the language.