efs, a no_std library for filesystems
from RatCornu@ani.social to rust@programming.dev on 28 Apr 15:32

efs is a recently published no-std library which provides an OS and architecture independent implementation of some UNIX filesystems in Rust.

Currently only the ext2 filesystem is directly implemented, but I will soonly work on other filesystems!

It’s still young so it may contain bugs, but it’s hugely tested so that it does not happen.

Some of the features provided :

I hope you will find this useful! If you have any remark, idea or issue, do not hesitate to ask here or to submit an issue!


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DeprecatedCompatV2@programming.dev on 30 Apr 08:25 collapse

It’s really neat how many no_std I’ve seen popping up lately. I’m hoping stuff like Hermit takes off and we can finally stop worrying about Log4Shell or cURL.