Polonius update | Inside Rust Blog (blog.rust-lang.org)
from cowpowered@lemm.ee to rust@programming.dev on 06 Oct 2023 14:53


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miniu@programming.dev on 06 Oct 2023 16:04 next collapse

Cool, I did encounter both of their trouble examples

KillTheMule@programming.dev on 06 Oct 2023 21:00 collapse

Wow, they’re sort-of-targeting edition 2024. I did not expect this, holding my breath ;)

technom@programming.dev on 07 Oct 2023 12:44 collapse

Why would they need another edition if Polonius covers all the cases from the current borrow checker?

KillTheMule@programming.dev on 07 Oct 2023 13:05 collapse

I don’t know, I was just surprised by the short timeframe.