Announcing Rust 1.73.0 (
from to on 05 Oct 2023 18:14 +0000

#rust on 05 Oct 2023 18:24 +0000 next

So, I will finally be able to drop some deps and use the built-in chown. Nice! on 05 Oct 2023 18:41 +0000

Yeah, I was also wondering how this wasn’t in the stdlib already. Cheers! on 05 Oct 2023 18:54 +0000 next

Love the stabilization of div_ceil and some of the other unsigned integer functions. They definitely make writing some algorithmic code easier. on 05 Oct 2023 18:58 +0000

Wow, I’m so happy about those panic message improvements. With the formatting before, most users’ brain probably already melted while reading thread ‘main’ panicked and the custom message looked like it was just more tech lingo in the middle there.

In reality, that custom message is often the only info relevant for users, and really the most useful info for me, too.