Websurfx 1.15.0 release
from neon_arch@programming.dev to rust@programming.dev on 30 Apr 20:46

Hello again!!

Sorry for the big delay in the announcements. I know it has been a long time I have not made any announcements, but I will try my best next time this doesn’t happen again.

So, through the medium of this post I would like to share with you all the v1.15.0 major release version of the websurfx project which was released on the 25th of March.

If you are new, and you don’t know what is websurfx then I would suggest taking a look at my previous post here:


Which covers in depth about what the project is and why it exists.


Before I share with you the changelog, what this release version means and a preview on what we are planning to work on for the next major release v2.0.0. I would first like to thank all our contributors and maintainers because of whom this was all possible. Specially I would like to thank spencerjibz, ddotthomas and evanyang1 who have been invaluable to the project. Also, Websurfx would not have been possible without alamin655 and xffxff early involvement.

<img alt="" src="https://programming.dev/pictrs/image/3baba397-2c61-4f2f-b90a-fefcab4eee59.webm"> Thanks 💖 to all the people involved in the project

Now, let’s dive straight into what this release version actually means.

What does this release version means

This new release version v1.15.0 introduces the new ranking algorithm for search results on the search page which ranks the results based on the relevancy to the user’s search query.


The changelog of all the changes can be found here:


Preview of the goals for the next major release


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anarkatten@lemmy.ml on 30 Apr 20:55 next collapse

As soon as you’ll get ARM support I’m definitely going to check this out!

MigratingtoLemmy@lemmy.world on 01 May 05:55 next collapse

Thank you for your hard work. I had come across your pervious post a while back; good to see it’s going well. Will try it, also looking forward to ARM support

neon_arch@programming.dev on 01 May 16:02 collapse

Thanks for taking a look at my project 🙂 .

We are already planning to have an initial support for this added soon in the coming releases. Right now, we are looking for someone who has more in depth knowledge on how to manage memory more efficiently like reduce heap usages, etc. So if you could help with this, I would suggest letting us know. 🙂

MigratingtoLemmy@lemmy.world on 01 May 16:24 collapse

Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer. If I had more free time I could possibly help with your hosting infrastructure, but that’s a no-go too at the moment. I’ll keep your requirements in mind though, if I do find someone

neon_arch@programming.dev on 01 May 18:18 collapse

Ok, thanks ❤️. I really appreciate your help. 🙂 .

Meansalladknifehands@lemm.ee on 02 May 14:49 next collapse

Cool project, congratulations! But got a question about privacy, to what extent is it private? As I see it still uses other search engines to search for things, is that we don’t share any other data except for the search query and IP addresses (if we aren’t using a proxy).

neon_arch@programming.dev on 02 May 18:44 collapse

Thanks ❤️ for asking this question. Yes, exactly the search engine does not share any data except the search query and IP address and nothing else making it really private though we will be adding tor and I2P feature which will also remove the concern of sharing the IP address to the upstream search engine as well. 🙂

Meansalladknifehands@lemm.ee on 03 May 06:20 collapse

That sounds great and I’m a user now, looking forward to the new features🖖

neon_arch@programming.dev on 03 May 18:25 collapse

Thanks ❤️ for trying out. If you encounter any problems/issues. Then feel free to ask them here. 🙂

blackbarn@lemm.ee on 12 May 03:33 collapse

Pretty neat, though the first thing I noticed on a public instance was that it has no mobile formatting/layout, kinda a deal breaker for me at the moment. However I applaud the effort already done!

neon_arch@programming.dev on 13 May 20:57 collapse

Thanks ❤ for trying out our project. Yes, that is something that is being worked on currently. Though some pages do support mobile layout, but others are a work in progress. So they will be worked on soon, probably in the next few releases. 🙂