RustPython: An open source Python 3 (CPython >= 3.11.0) interpreter written in Rust (
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What about compatibility with Python packages? on 08 Feb 05:06 collapse

It’ll have to implement CPython’s C API to work with packages that use native code. I don’t know if that’s the plan but I wouldn’t consider their implementation compete without it. on 08 Feb 12:13 next collapse

Can RustPython be sandboxed properly when used as a scripting language? You can’t do sandboxing with CPython. There is an abandoned sandboxing project for pypy, but then you’ll be stuck with an old version of python. on 12 Feb 06:54 collapse


I’ve unironically been looking for a decent way to run Python in the web, mostly for code sharing purposes (our app needs certain calculations in offline mode), so this could actually work for me.