The Embedded Rustacean Newsletter
from to on 06 Sep 2023 10:17 +0000

For those interested in embedded Rust, the first issue of The Embedded Rustacean newsletter went live on September 1st.

The newsletter dives into the world of Embedded Rust with a curated compilation of articles, news, educational resources, and jobs, among other items. The newsletter is fit for both the experienced and the beginner. You can check out the first issue here.

The newsletter has a bi-monthly frequency. You can subscribe for regular updates by going to

#rust on 06 Sep 2023 11:52 +0000 next

Is an RSS feed available? on 06 Sep 2023 18:04 +0000

Not yet, but will be added soon. In time for the second issue. on 06 Sep 2023 12:21 +0000

Idk if it’s mobile or dark mode, but the page is totally unreadable on 06 Sep 2023 12:23 +0000 next

I tried switching to light mode and it was still completely unreadable. Grey text on a darker grey background is a very poor choice on 06 Sep 2023 18:13 +0000

I went back and checked, it’s black text on a white background. Could you probably provide more insight where/how you are seeing this effect so that I can try to address this? on 06 Sep 2023 21:29 +0000

Sure. I’m using Firefox on Android. I’m not sure if I’m uploading images correctly or not but I’m trying to attach a screenshot of what it looks like for me <img alt="" src=""> on 06 Sep 2023 22:55 +0000

I looked at the other comment, it was the Firefox addon dark reader. Turning that off solved my problem in stock Firefox dark and light modes on 07 Sep 2023 06:17 +0000

Awesome! I’m glad its resolved. I’ll see if darkreader can be accommodated in the future as well to reduce the hassle. I hope you enjoy the newsletter! on 06 Sep 2023 13:36 +0000

Darkreader didn’t work well, but disable that and it looked ok in Firefox on Android.