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SorteKanin@feddit.dk on 22 Mar 20:47 collapse

Overall nothing really “exciting”, but good stuff anyway.

snaggen@programming.dev on 22 Mar 21:17 next collapse

That is the boring part when projects gets more mature…

taladar@sh.itjust.works on 23 Mar 11:23 collapse

That is the good kind of boring though. The actual stability that is achieved by not having (m)any major pain points left in the design.

anton@lemmy.blahaj.zone on 11 Apr 00:28 collapse

Keyword reserving is always exciting.
In this case it’s gen, which allows iterators build on the state machines currently powering async.

Here is a contrived use case from me.
It’s not as groundbreaking as async but it’s a convenience. And hey, you could write futures without the async/await keywords, but it’s easier with them