What are you working on this week? (May. 19, 2024)
from secana@programming.dev to rust@programming.dev on 19 May 19:51

Hi rustaceans! What are you working on this week? Did you discover something new, you want to share?


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secana@programming.dev on 19 May 19:51 next collapse

I release a new version of kellnr.io with some bug fixes and updated Docker images (Ubuntu 24.04 base).

1984@lemmy.today on 19 May 20:21 next collapse

I saw that there was a new learning site for Rust that got a lot of attention on hacker news:


I plan to give it a shot in a few weeks. It’s similar to rustlings.

But I haven’t worked on anything this week so slightly off topic. Just wanted to share.

secana@programming.dev on 20 May 16:31 next collapse

Didn’t know that one. Thanks for sharing.

GrizzlyMitts@programming.dev on 20 May 20:19 collapse

Started working on that this morning. when you use ‘wr’ to check your work if you see “skipping” at the end of the exercise, it means you’ve passed. Other than that it feels a bit like rustlings

martinn@programming.dev on 19 May 21:56 next collapse

I built a little tool that allows you to see top contributors to any git repo by lines of code (and also top file types).


fzz@programming.dev on 19 May 23:43 next collapse

Trying to reduce compilation time, reconfiguring underlying cargo’ build-ctx or just riding off the context and using only build-plan and metadata by host cargo & rustc in the cargo-playdate tool.

secana@programming.dev on 20 May 16:32 collapse

Ah yes, compiles times. Off all the things that could be better in rust, my number 1.

SatouKazuma@ani.social on 20 May 12:00 collapse

Currently (but very slowly) building a game engine. I don’t know how I got to this, but here we are…

sugar_in_your_tea@sh.itjust.works on 20 May 14:08 next collapse

Well, it’s certainly more interesting than an email client, consider yourself lucky.

secana@programming.dev on 20 May 16:31 collapse

I get the feeling that there are much more game engines in rust, than games :P

SatouKazuma@ani.social on 20 May 20:02 collapse

I’m not familiar with too many that are mature enough to support complex games with extremely detailed physics.