What are you working on this week? (Apr. 28, 2024)
from secana@programming.dev to rust@programming.dev on 28 Apr 16:52

Hi rustaceans! What are you working on this week? Did you discover something new, you want to share?


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sugar_in_your_tea@sh.itjust.works on 28 Apr 18:03 next collapse

Still working on my p2p “lemmy.” I finished a wave of FE work, so now updating the BE to match. Next steps:

  • queries - built-in Iroh queries don’t cut it
  • sync between peers
  • new DB structure - multiple communities, voting, etc
  • integrate initial moderation system

Once that’s done, I’ll need another wave of FE work and then lots of testing before I’m ready to publish code. Hopefully I’ll get there next month.

codemonk@programming.dev on 28 Apr 20:28 next collapse

Still working on my app launcher. Currently working on on user config. Recently I added support for app icons and there freedesktop.org icon themes. Icon themes are more complicated than I expected. Themes can have multiple fallbacks themes which themselves can have multiple fallback themes. Totally makes sense. I just did not think about it too much before implementing it. Allowed me to implement a nice breadth-first search. Most themes have a single fallback theme, so it is not of much use, but hey, I follow the spec. 😅

taladar@sh.itjust.works on 02 May 12:43 collapse

This post might be relevant to your current work in case you hadn’t seen it.

codemonk@programming.dev on 02 May 20:54 collapse

Haven’t seen it indeed. Afaik, app icons should be fine. In case they are not, I have an idea, what the issue might be. Thank you.

Reading through the bug tracker, the GNOME approach seems to be one I see way to often: “The standard is outdated in our view and does not suit us. Let’s just treat it as obsolete and make our own incompatible thing. If this breaks stuff, its not our problem.” I prefer those that say: “We need an updated standard.” But they seem to be the minority, at least these days.

taladar@sh.itjust.works on 02 May 21:16 collapse

Icon themes do seem like the kind of thing where updating the standard first shouldn’t be that hard to do.

codemonk@programming.dev on 03 May 20:22 collapse

That is my impression as well.

Just for completeness: According to GNOME Human Interface Guidelines app icons are full-color icons: developer.gnome.org/hig/guidelines/ui-icons.html My app should be fine! 😊

_hovi_@lemmy.world on 28 Apr 21:54 collapse

Recently did my portfolio website using Leptos, that was pretty cool. Currently, working on adding modded Minecraft launcher support to my plugin for rofi called rofi-games so the instances can be launched from there

sugar_in_your_tea@sh.itjust.works on 28 Apr 22:13 collapse

How was working with Leptos? It certainly looks cool.

_hovi_@lemmy.world on 29 Apr 11:24 collapse

Yeah pretty cool. Bit tricky at parts due to (imo) a lack of tutorials / easy to follow examples, but got through it eventually. Felt refreshing to not have to write js/ts